Client Portfolio

The AIS client portfolio ranges from small five page websites to large multi-functional sites with a cross-section of standard elements, enhancements and specialty options. Click images for live site.

Fresh Makeover for 2018

Cipher Pharmaceuticals

Five years marks a significant milestone for many websites. Cipher Pharmaceuticals was ready for several changes. Most notably they wished to present a fresh face and take advantage of the latest trends in web design, boost SEO and improve viewing on mobile devices. In addition, Cipher Pharmaceuticals has better control over updating content and are reducing costs across the board. A duplicate French version is also available.

Cipher Pharmaceuticals

Other Projects in the Past Year

Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club
Erin Agricultural Society
JM Quarter Horses
AiMS Environmental

New Websites or Past Makeovers

Bob & Sue's Skyview Restaurant
The Spa on Main Georgetown
Bold Ventures Inc.